How Patman Landed In Battle Creek

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Born and raised in #midland Michigan... actually just outside of the city, little old Sanford. Completed high school, met my beautiful wife and that's how the journey to Battle Creek began. My wife's father is a pastor who has completely devoted his life to teaching and spreading the Gospel. The lord called him to Battle Creek, and my wife When God tells you to move you move! The only issue... my wife and I were only dating at the time and fresh out of high school, that meant that she would go and I would have to stay! It didn't take long for me to realize that seeing her only on the weekends would not be enough.

So one weekend while I was visiting in Battle Creek, I went with a mission to find any job that I could. Applied at many different places, and had a Job offer the next day! So I went back to Midland, gave my two weeks to my employer, (I was an Industrial Insulator at a Chemical Plant... maybe more on how great that was later), packed my bags, and headed into the unknown! I've been in Battle Creek about 5 years now, Married the love of my life (who continues to support all of my crazy ideas and hobbies), bought a beautiful house, and am now prepping for the next logical step in life... Creating little Bush Babies.

Thanks for reading! I'm Excited to open the doors to my crazy life to you.

... Plus I think it will be pretty fun when my Kids are old enough to read this!

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