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Flying A Drone In Battle Creek Michigan

I’ve had a ton of questions regarding where in Battle Creek, Michigan that I am able to fly and I’m finally making a post to address that specific question.


KBTL Airport

Battle Creek is blessed with FAA class D airspace, which means that the FAA has complete control of who can enter that airspace and when they can enter that airspace. Just recently KBTL has become LAANC capable. This means that a drone pilot can get a real time response from the FAA if they can fly in a certain area based on a flight plan submitted in an app like Kittyhawk. Before this major improvement, Drone pilots would have to apply for a blanket airspace authorization for the KBTL Class D which could take up to 90 days for approval!


Battle Creek Airspace Map

In the photo below you will see squares with numbers on the inside of the squares. This number is the ceiling. That means that it is the absolute value of the height you are able to fly above the ground in that area. So, if the ceiling is 200 that means that means that the drone is only able to fly up to 200’ above ground level (AGL).


Important Note

It is illegal to fly a drone in FAA regulated airspace without obtaining authorization before flying in controlled airspace. The FAA makes it very clear that if recreational flyers intentionally violate safety requirements they could be liable for criminal and/or civil penalties. Flying any drone within the mapped area above without FAA authorization (even if you are only flying 2 ft. off the ground) is a violation of federal regulation.


If you have any questions about flying drones in Battle Creek don’t hesitate to shoot me a message.

Twitter: @patmandrone

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