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Residential Drone Photography

  Trying to Sell Your Home? Consider Residential Drone Photography

If you're trying to sell your home in a competitive market, drone home photography might be a great choice. Here are a few reasons why you might want to ask your real estate agent about the benefits of residential drone photography.

1. Make Your Listing Stand Out

It's competitive out there. If there are a lot of homes being sold in your neighborhood or even your city, you need a way to stand out. Not many listings today have drone photography, as it's still a new, cutting-edge technology. You can differentiate yourself from the competition with drone imagery.

2. Highlight Your Home's Best Features

Sometimes a home's best features aren't necessarily the front, sides, and back. Perhaps you've invested a lot in your landscaping, or maybe the entire property is best viewed as a whole. Drone photography frees you up in three dimensions, so you can photograph everything from any angle.

3. Create a Video Overview of Your Property

You can create a full video of your property with a flyover effect if you really want to catch the attention of buyers. A video overview is going to give people a better idea than 2D images, because many people can't really get the feel for a property from static images alone.


4. Show Features That Aren't Easy to Describe

Drone photography can show where things are in relation to other things, such as where a mother-in-law quarters is to the rest of a house. These can be features difficult to depict in photographs alone, but that will be easy to show through an aerial view or a video.

Drone home photography is fairly new, so your real estate agent may not have worked with a residential drone photography company in the past. Contact Patman Droneography for more information, and to get started with your updated listing today.

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