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Drone Video Services Near Me

  Finding the Right Drone Video Services Near Me

There are thousands of fly-by-night drone photography companies out there, so how can you find the right drone aerial photography business to work with you? The differences between professional, high quality services and hobbyists are astounding. Here are ways to tell whether you've found the right drone video services near me.

Ask to See their Portfolio

A portfolio will tell you a lot about the quality of work that an individual produces. Look for a consistent portfolio that specifically includes the type of images you're looking for. Different photographers (and even different drone builds) specialize in different things. Night vision imagery is going to be different from polished, residential photography.

Look at their Technology

Do they have a professional drone? A pro-sumer (professional consumer) drone? Or a hobbyist model? Drones come in a lot of different packages. You don't necessarily need your drone company to have the most expensive drone out there, but they should be able to go over their drone's capabilities and why it's right for your job.


Request Testimonials

Testimonials often tell you the most about a company. If they don't have any, they haven't been in business long enough to have satisfied customers. Take a look at third-party reviews and see if there are any Better Business Bureau complaints. All of this together will tell you whether they have the reputation they need to get your job done.

Are you still looking for a drone aerial photography business? It can be hard to find reliable services, but once you find the right company, you'll have a partnership that can last you multiple projects and contracts. For more information about the benefits of drone photography, contact Patman Droneography today.

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