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4 Great Uses for Aerial Photography in the Real Estate Industry

An aerial photography company and a real estate professional are important partners in today's market. Every real estate professional needs home staging companies, photographers, and web designers. A complete advertising kit is required to be successful in the industry. Here are some of the advantages of adding aerial photography near me.

1. Creating Personal Advertising Videos

Sell yourself with a short that consists of some of the best properties you've purchased and sold. Personal advertising videos can go on your social media and your "about me" pages to introduce potential clients to the services you offer.

2. Getting Pictures of Existing Listings

Really sell your listings with photos and videos taken from above. Drone photography is new and exciting, and serves to make each listing look appealing, technologically advanced, and unique. Gone are the days of some dark MLS photos. Today, customers are demanding more.

3. Featuring Properties on Your Website

The MLS also isn't the be-all end-all of property searches today. Many buyers are self-servicing by looking online, and if you want to capture their attention, you want something more than just a description. Better photos and videos will draw them in.


4. Highlighting Neighborhoods

You know the drill: Quite often, it's the neighborhood that sells, rather than an individual property. Drone photography is a great way to highlight entire neighborhoods, such as luxurious neighborhoods, or suburban neighborhoods, that will really draw buyers in.

There are uncountable methods of using an aerial photography company. But how do you find aerial photography near me? Consider the services of Patman Droneography. Call today to get a consultation.

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